​​SRC offers many opportunities to get involved; through attending monthly meetings where we  host various guest speakers, coordinating upcoming events, including Candidates Night,  and by promoting the issues and  Republican candidates at the state level.  To learn more contact us at: contactus@srcnhgop.com 

Established in March 2010, the Sandown Republican Committee brings likeminded individuals together, to share conservative ideas, principals and values, which; is at the heart of what it means to be a Republican.

You can join the Sandown Republican Town Committee either by coming to a meeting or contacting us at contactus@srcnhgop.com

By joining the SRC you will be involved with a group of engaged and committed individuals who are helping to heighten awareness in their neighborhoods, community and civic organizations of what issues are on the forefront as well as what political candidates are willing to step forward and serve. 

SRC members are self– governed and are led by an elected Executive Committee.  Bylaws were written by the Executive Committee and approved by the General membership in Summer 2010.